Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly beautiful too much

Hit the spending of thousands of bones from its release caused a boil boiling room discussion, it was to see the elegant white paint, some of us spend a thousand bones of Elves and lovely, but how many people holding flowers thousands of bone and white painted heart, but fell in kill criss? White of skin, and elegant of hairstyles, and stunning of makeup capacity, was called “killed sister” of killed Criss-let many woman are since sigh than, not only is for Yan value of go, killed sister with plot development on spent thousand bone of pet and protection, more let countless drama fans are have envy was, hegemony magic June actually only on spent thousand bone love has alone Bell, destroyed has face also will nursing she comprehensive.
This story naturally raised concern of many fans, it seems, the stronger the battered heart of ridicule.

Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly beautiful too much

“Wind among dead clothes, like red yarn, makes people stupid face. Fei Mo allure, pour six territories NGAN, Tan qinglian. Silly to wait for, watch for thousands of years, but for a detention. “This is a word describing the kill Criss, generally extremely thoughtful and perfect. In reality, it would be difficult for someone can be comparable to kill sisters, but in the world of watches and clocks, and there really is such a beautiful watch, also called the Empress Dowager.

Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly beautiful too much

Vacheron Constantin Temple FLORILEGE flower series watch 82550/000G-9855

Watch reviews: mention to the extreme of dial, Vacheron Constantin shrine of flowers is absolutely in one of a series of tables, at the top level tab under changes, flowers on the dial seemed to come alive. M e tiersd’Art master series-the Temple of flowers Chinese phaius watches with 18K White Gold Diamond case, luxury and exquisite flowers presented in table 37 mm shell. Strelitzia reginae symbol of loyalty and luck, different carve carving patterns, vibrant enamel colour change dial subtle sense of depth, also changes the shape of a flower, flowers from the bud of the bud to full bloom, will render natural beauty brought out. Overall hue from blue petals of red and white sharp colour contrast, coordination of the flowers and green mix together, creating tranquil and remote style, two slender pointer drawing a beautiful backdrop for the traces of time.

Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly beautiful too much

Pink leather strap, comfortable and beautiful to wear a lady’s wrist, such a beautiful table, well beyond what’s basic timing, but a worthwhile collection of Irene. This watch is powered by a CALIBRE4400 movement, 28800 oscillation times per hour, has a 65-hour power reserve.

Item no: 82550/000G-9855

Brand: Vacheron Constantin

Series: artist

Movement type: manual mechanical

Limit: 20

Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly beautiful too much

Van Cleef ya Bao CharmsExtraordinaire flower series green strap watch

Watch reviews: painted on the dial is without doubt a lot of female form have the courage to challenge the ways and means, especially a variety of flexible application of the enamel, Van Cleef Albemarle series CharmsExtraordinaire application to the extreme. In different patterns and match in sedan, I chose the Daffodil Green Watch, more detachment from secular, the quiet beauty of face. Van Cleef Albemarle usually with four-leaf clovers flirts, but the moral of flowers passed for the world blessed, Lucky Charms pendants hanging on top of the casing and bezel rotate 360 degrees around, as evidenced by the beauty of the details.

Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly beautiful too much

This table mainly gold, green, and white colors, bright flowers bloom on top of the dial. White mother of Pearl carved Narcissus, fine painting craft painted yellow, set in on the dial, symbolizes the longing for love; narcissus petals with yellow sapphires inlaid, adorn a manganese aluminium Garnet Shi Huarui. Imagining a watchmaker strokes draw outlines what’s form, then color and diamond and clever match, ensemble tunes full of longing and hope. Decorated with flowers on the back and watch the match overall design.

Item no: CharmsExtraordinaire series green straps flower

Brand: Van Cleef yabao

Movement type: quartz

Gender: ladies

Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly beautiful too much

Cartier blue balloon series metal and carved mother of Pearl bead technology belain flower watch watches

Watch reviews: Cartier not only do jewelry or a watch, essence has a history of high art and exquisite technique, interpretation of the essence of beauty-the beauty of this simple rather than complicated, lies in harmony rather than conflict. This dazzling Cartier watches worldwide limited edition of 40 pieces, skillfully combines metal with enamel bead technology, watches and jewelry with bright sparks. Classic Blue balloon modeling, a unique Crown at the three o’clock position. Through the glass, mosaic inlay on metal beads on the dial 22K gold metal bead, three orchids bloom in a golden background, jinhuahuarui red enamel, become the crowning touch of Orchid, and vivid, service also have beads for decoration of petals, noble and elegant. Case under the diamond ornament, extends to the lugs, and link the white strap sets off dial brilliance bright.

Item no: metal carved mother of Pearl and bead craft belain flower watch

Brand: Cartier

Series: Blue balloon

Movement type: automatic

Limit: 40

Summary: beauty, is an attitude rather than proud, is a kind of taste rather than secular. People loved chasing the good things, but also looking forward to more perfect, though maybe we were not enough to cover up perfect, but we should at least learn to appreciate and taste beautiful. This is why it is now very concerned about people with high face values, even many women wanted to “scrap sisters” match, it is not a morbid quest, but from the desire for beauty. Although we are unable to change their looks, but still is a lot of good things in the world, we must learn to chase and appreciation over several tables beautiful, enchanted enough, do you think?

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Daniel Wellington simplicity belts-studded subdial female form 0902DW

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Daniel Wellington slim ladies diamond watch 0905DW

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COACH coach steel with elegant crystal encrusted ladies quartz watch

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Watch dial series bone Vacheron Constantin Van Cleef Albemarle spent thousands of orchids sister Cartier


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